The swimming pool fun

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
The swimming pool fun

This is a story about me and one of my friends, Chris. We have never done anything "sexual" before, but we always "scoped" each other out.

One day, Trevor was staying over at Chriss house for an overnight sleepover. Chriss parents decided to go to the movies for the night.. so Chris and trevor had the house to themselves. Right when Chriss parentss vehicle was out of the yard, Chris asked Trevor if he wanted to go for a swim. Trevor, with his shorts already on, decided to go for a swim.

It was a really hott day that day and Trevor had been working all day long. He decided that the swim would be a perfect way to cool down. While Chris was changing into his "swimsuit", Trevor went out to the pool and started to uncover it. The pool was surrounded by a wooden fence. As Trevor was uncovering the pool, he seen Chris emerge from the house in his new silk swim shorts. Trevor (always having a little "thing" for Chris) started to feel a slight tingle on the end of his penis. Trevor quickly ignored the feeling and jumped into the pool.

"Is is cold Trevor?", asked Chris as he fingered his balls xxx sex video download free com from inside his shorts. 

"No its not dude," said Trevor, "actually, its kind of warm-cold.

"YES!", yelled Chris, "I love it when it is nice."

The moment Chris was done, he jumped in right in front of Trevor getting his dry hair all wet. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, Chris grabbed Trevors shorts, and ripped them rite off. Revealing Trevors non - erect, 3 inch penis. 

"What the HELL are you doing Chris. That is not funny at all!" hollared Trevor, as Chris comes back up out of the water.

"What? says Chris, "were both guys here and besides, its not like your dick is hard as a rock!"

Right after Chris was finished his sentence, he reached down and grabbed Trevors non - erect penis. Trevor, not having had sexual relations with a guy before, started to walk away, but Chris just followed him until Trevor backed up into a wall. Right away Chris went under the water and started to suck Trevors now erect, 7.5 inch penis. Right when Chriss wet lips hit Trevors penis, Trevor shuttered. 

Chris was deepthroating as fast as he could. After about thirty seconds, Chris came back up for air. As Chris was gaining his breathe, Trevor leaped up onto the edge of the pool, and waved his dick right in front of Chris. Chris started to laugh and right away went back to sucking his friends penis. Up and down and up and down Chris went on the 7.5 inch /hard/hard-dick/">hard dick, and Trevor was moaning quietly. Once Chris started to speed up, Trevor started to moan louder and louder. 

Trevor was just about ready to cum when all of a sudden, Chris stoppped sucking on his dick and asked, "Do u want to go inside and have nice hott sex in my bed Trevor?" 

"After that, Frigin sexxxx video ful hd rites I will go have sex with you!"

When they got out of the pool, Trevor couldnt stand it. He turned around suddenly and pulled off Chriss nice silky swimshorts to reveal a 5 inch, rock /hard/hard-penis/">hard penis. He couldnt take it. He got on his knees right away and started to suck Chriss hard dick. Chris was so shocked that he started to scream in extreme pleasure. About two minutes into the shocking blowjob, Trevor got up of his knees.

"Ok lets get inside and get to this!", said Trevor, sweating with excitement and joy.

"Yes, lets." said Chris, ready to have Trevors dick as far up in his butt as it would go.

They went inside, and the door behind the two new found lovers. 

**Read the next Part to this story to get the nice, juicy details, of Trevor and Chriss hott /dirty/dirty-sex/">dirty sex in Chriss bed!**