One Night

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
One Night

I waited for his knock at the door. It had been a month since I had seen him and had felt a hunger I had never known before. Many nights had been spent touching myself with his face in my thoughts... histouch fondly remembered as I made myself come and imagined his touch as my body exploded with pleasure.

The doorbell rang and I rushed to the door. I knew it was him but I looked through the peephole anyway....just to see him standing there and wanting to see what his face could tell me. He looked so handsome and as always the sight of his eyes takes my breath away.

I opened the door and invited him in. I hoped he appreciated the short, black number I was wearing along with the stockings and garters I knew he liked. He eyed me up and down, with much appreciation. I took him into the living room and helped him off with his jacket. The wine was poured and I handed him a glass. He took a few sips and then put the glass down and took me in his arms. I had some slow, easy jazz playing and we moved easily with the music.
It was the perfect evening... with the candlelight, the soft, /sensual/">sensual music and the feel of his hands on my body. We moved together and his hands started slowly moving over my body. His touch felt so good....and so did the cock I felt growing in his pants as I brushed up against him. I kissed his neck as his hand slid over my ass.... a shiver ran through me. stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv My lips found his and we began slowing kissing....slow and easy at butterfly kisses - our lips barely touching..... our tongues lightly flicking each other. These kisses grew more hungry, more passionate. Our tongues started probing more and I found myself thinking about his tongue on my clit as I kissed him.
His fingers found my tits and he slowly ran them over my nipples, which by now had become very erect and swollen. I moaned with sheer anticipation of what was to come. I wanted to feel him inside me.... I wanted the stiffness that kept rubbing against me to be inside me. Slowly he slid my negligee over my head and I stood before him naked and totally exposed, but by this time I was so horny I didnt care. I unzipped his pants and slid them down, sliding down with them, my lips grazing his stiff cock, just to tease a little. Then I stood up and slipped his shirt off so I could feel his warm chest against mine. I loved the feel and smell of his skin.
He started kissing my neck and moved his lips towards my nipples. At this point I felt my /pussy/wet-pussy/pussy-getting-wet/">pussy getting wet and my clit getting swollen. He gently laid me down before the fireplace and I felt the warmth of the embers enveloping my body, as well as his tender hands.

As he laid me down I felt the anticipation of him sucking on my clit and shivered with pure arousal. Slowly and ever so gently he spread my legs and proceeded to lick my inner thighs, moving slowlytowards the mound that was aching for his touch. As his tongue touched my clit I thought my head would explode. His fingers sought my warm, /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy and he slipped 2 fingers inside, finger-fucking me while he took care of my clit. I got so excited I grabbed his head and made him suck me harder... it felt so good.
I tried to hold off the /climax/">climax because it felt so damn good but I got to the point I could not hold back any more and thats when he pushed me beyond the point of no return. As his fingers and tongue stroked me, I felt the ocean of pleasure take my body over and I let go a primal scream that came from deep inside me.

My pussy was dripping and my head was lighter..... he then mounted me ....his cock by now was rock hard and so hot ..... he slid in slowly and I could tell he was holding back because he was SO horny. As he stroked me I wrapped my legs around him and moved my hips with his his. Suddenly he started fucking me faster and I felt his cock growing thicker and hotter inside me. It felt good to have him sliding in and out and as he got more and more aroused, I grabbed his ass and drove him deeper inside me. As he came he stroked me hard and white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie seemed lost in the moment.... I felt his hot come inside me and with that was his satisfaction.

He rolled off me and we lay in front of the crackling fire.... wondering if anyone else in the world felt the satisfaction we did at that moment....