The final chapter of She wanted it but was scared

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The final chapter of She wanted it but was scared

I ordered the drinks and the food and we sat in the hot tub for about ’ hour. It was around 6:30PM and there was almost no one at the pool. They were either still in class or getting ready for dinner. There was another couple in the tube but they looked like they didn't care who else was around. She was straddling him as she sat on his lap facing him and we could hear the moans coming from both of them. The clouds were moving over the in front of the sun and it was starting to get dark. The waiter told us the food was being put on our table and so we got out of the tub and I watched Dottie's /sweet/">sweet body walk in front of me. I pulled the chair out for her and she wrapped the towel around her. We sat there talking and wondering what that couple was doing in the tub? We both laughed when she said: "making love to each other just like we want to do." We had another drink and finished our food. We then moved back to the hot tub. As I sat on the one of the tub's steps, Dottie sat in front of me.

 I whispered very sexual things to her as I looked down between her breasts. I could se the nipples of her breasts getting hard. She tilted her had back and I kissed her as she moaned softly! As I moved us down another step, her head was all that was out of the water now. I moved down to the same step and she sat on my lap. I slid my hands under her arms and cupped her beautiful breasts. Moving the material of her suit up freeing those beauties, I began to play with them. It was dark and we sat on the corner of the steps in the dark. There was no other person around. The bar was open and two people sat at the bar drinking and watching TV. I squeeze her breasts and pulled gently on her nipples. She turned and sucked on my tongue as I slide my hand down over her flat stomach and into her bikini bottom. She immediately opened her legs for me giving me the freedom I needed to finger her cunt. It was already open waiting for me. She moaned my name and told me she loved the way I made love to her body. We sat there for a long time with one of my hands on her right breast and the other one in her panties fingering her slowly and gently! She just lay there enjoying the touch and feeling I was providing her. And then she groaned and began to hump on my hand as she got off. I mean she was fucking my three fingers deep inside her pussy and moaning as she sucked on my tongue. Her body pumped against my fingers as I pumped them in and out of her snatch. It was so fucking sexual! I have to tell you, watching her humping like a puppet on my fingers made me hard as a rock!

She moaned and whimpered as her climax moved over her. And then she arched and /hung/">hung there not moving as she reached the peek of her orgasm! My fingers never stopped moving and since I now had both hands inside her bikini panties squeeze and stroking her cunt, she was shuttering and shaking as she finished her climax. When she was done I pulled my hands out from between her legs and as she watched me, I sucked my fingers tasting her juices and cum! She kissed me hard and told me she wanted to suck my cock! Just then 3 women came over and walked down into the hot tub. We talked for a few minutes and then Dottie asked me: "So Bud, are you ready babe?" We got up and dried off as we walked to the pool elevator. When we got on the elevator, she faced me and cupped my cock and balls as she kissed me. I was so fucking hard and in that wet bathing suit I was hurting as she squeezed me. I moaned now as she continued to rub my cock. The bell rang and the door opened on our floor! We hurried to the room opened the door and laughed as she pulled my wet suit down with one quick motion. She dropped to her knees and took my cock into her mouth! I pilled her up and told her let's stain the new bed covers with our cum! She smiled and we walked o the bed as she held on to my /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock! I got up on the bed and she knelt between my legs. She took my cock in her hands and we both watched her pump the hard shaft!

Then she smiled like a devil and covered the swollen purple head of my cock with her lips. Her mouth worked on just the head as her hand pumped up and down on my hard shaft! Moans and groans came from my mouth as Dottie sucked my cock to the very edge of orgasm three or four times. But each time I arched up she pulled her mouth old waman xxxgx off of the head and told me: "No! No!! Bud! Not yet baby! You're not going to cum yet babe! I want you to be much more worked up than you are baby! I want to see your cum hit the ceiling!" We both laughed as she lowered her mouth back over the swollen cock head. She kept me going for god knows how long before she turned around and straddled my head with her knees. I reached up and watch my fingers play with her pussy. I held it's lips open with one hand and moved my fingers in and out of her pink insides. My fingers became very wet! She was wet and from her moans as she sucked on my cock, I knew she was really enjoying this /fingering/finger-fucking/">finger fucking. Finally when I cried out and arched my ass up off the bed she felt the first shot of cum hit the back of her head. She pulled her mouth off my cock quickly and pumped the shaft with both hands. She watched as the white juice flew out of my cock and up in the air over the bed. She told me she loved to watch cum shoot out of a cock! Finally when I had no more cum shooting from the bokep sma pecah perawan dick head hole, she put her mouth back over the head and sucked me dry!

Part #2

I had my fingers working her pussy good now and you could hear the slurping sounds they made as they moved in and out of her cunt. She knelt there on all fours with her ass facing my and as I lay under her thighs, I watched as my fingers /pussy/pussy-fuck/fucking-her-pussy/">fucking her pussy! She was moving with the feeling now and I could see her juices actually running down my hand. She was close! With one quick turn she moved around and sat facing me with her pussy resting on my chin. She held my head with both hands and told me: "Eat me Bud! Lick me babe! Suck my pussy and make me cum! Oh god I love your tongue Bud!" And with that she moved her ass up on my chest until her pussy was over my mouth! I inhaled her musk and licked her cunt like a starving man! I used my fingers and pulled her pussy open by moving her cunt lips out to both sides. I played with her insides touching and licking it with my tongue. I had all of my fingers on both hands separating her lips wide. I took my tongue and licked directly up and down the pink inside. Then I blew warm air on it! She shuttered! She held my head with both hands as I licked around in tight little circles inside her. She was rocking with me now and I quickened the pace. She whispered: "Oh Bud! That feels like heaven babe! Mummm baby! I love that! Oh yes!! There !! right there! OH! Fuck yes!! Bud! Mummm Baby! YES!! YES !!!YES!! I had really begun to lick her pussy now. Deep inside my tongue moved in and out and around fucking her.