Satan Eve taste of Adams Apple the FORBIDDEN FRUIT

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Satan Eve taste of Adams Apple the FORBIDDEN FRUIT

Please take it in good humor ... here Adam, Eve & Satan are just symbolical for the aborgin people! How 'bout a fantastic fanfacy ?

Eve was mighty depressed and was very very hungry. Their Manufacturer (She didn't know that He was God. Nobody told her so yet) has taken Adam out to show him the boundaries of Eden and asked him to look after the fence. They were out for last three days. Eve had nobody to talk to and no fruits to have in the near vicinity. She has already collected whatever edible fruits were available except that beautiful little fruit which was forbidden. She wanted to have it, but no, she cannot have it. It is forbidden. She closed her eyes and tried to go to sleep.

Satan was just waiting for this moment. Nobody should think that such an intelligent person, who keeps God always on His toes, would come to Eve, in the form of an /ugly/">ugly serpent. That too, when he wanted to seduce the beautiful virgin teenager and to teach her the juiciest side of this earthly life? Actually he came in the form of a male human being only, and sporting all the apparatuses in its full magnificence. It was the best form with which he can inflict maximum damage. He was not going to stop this process of creation but just wanted to put his own brand of salt into the recipe of that old man. His towering glory was the enormous tower of flesh standing erect as if to salute the innocence presently lying under the tree.

Eve had a queer feeling at her lower belly. She had never felt anything like this before. It was /sweet/">sweet and umm... ah, a torture too. It was making her warm and tingly down there. She wanted it to get cooled. She splayed her thighs a little more. Was she having an urge to make water? No. It was a completely separate feeling. It was making her shake. Is it a punishment as she was thinking of that forbidden fruit before closing her eyes? No, that cannot be. No punishment can be this sweet. All the stars of the sky was coming down over her and bursting behind her closed eyes. She started lifting her pelvis to reach those stars to touch. She was afraid to open her eyes. If it is a dream, it may milf porn videos go away. Let it continue... continue... ahhhhhhhh. Satan was kneeling over the face of Eve. He was titillating the clit of the girl with one hand and was busy to massage his stiff prick with the other hand. It was a whispering soft touch on the clit. Slowly the clit came out of the hiding and stood erect. The girl splayed out her thighs. Satan smiled and inserted his middle finger at the now-pearly gate of the cunt. The yet-to-be touched cunt lips opened up like the petals of a rose. He inserted one finger into the warm hole. The girl started shivering and shaking. Satan didn't increase the pressure on the clit and maintained slow rhythmic motion on it with his thumb and started a slow in-out movement within her cunt. After a while he inserted another finger into the moist aperture. The fingers stretched the lips a little. It was a very /cunt/tight-cunt/">tight cunt. He smiled once again thinking about the sensation of putting his immense fuckpole into that tight little sheath. The warmth of the fleshy oven warmed his body. It was not only an action to jeopardize the plan of that Old Man. It became a necessity to invade the warmth of this sweet /innocent/innocent-girl/">innocent girl to warm the cold of the hell.

The girl was now shaking and stiffening under the ministrations of his hand. The fingers became sleek with her secretions. Satan increased the speed of the movement of his fingers in the cunt. The girl lifted the cunt as if to increase the pressure and the came with a low groan within her throat. It was a volcanic eruption. The cunt juice flooded his fingers, dribbled down into his palm and pooled there. The girl's body became slack. Satan took out his fingers from the cunt, tasted the pearly cunt juice with the tip pf his tongue. It tasted like the nectar he was denied. He smiled with the satisfaction of a job well executed.

Eve gradually came to her senses. It was soooo sweet. She was not depressed anymore. Only a sensation of emptiness remained at the pit of her lower belly. It was soooo nice to have that stretched, overflowing feeling down there. She moved her own hand towards the juncture of her thighs. Towards the well of that sweet sensation and slowly opened her eyes.

How that branch of the tree came down so near to her face. She can touch it just by extending her tongue out of her lips. It had a peculiar salty taste. She never had tasted anything like it. It was a taste so similar to her own smell but there were some more fragrances she couldn't identify. She tasted once again. But how can a tree branch be so smooth, so much polished? She wondered. What is that reddish fruit on top of the branch? She has never seen any fruit like that. It looked blowjob porn videos like... like... ... yes like that forbidden fruit. She wanted to be sure and looked up.

Her vision was blocked by a person who looks like Adam but more attractive. She was not afraid. She knew she was safe in this garden. She got up, kneeled face to face and smiled at the man. "Who are you?" - she asked.

"I am your friend." - Satan smiled back to Eve.

"Like Adam?"

"Yes. Like him and more."


"Did you like what happened to you, down there." - Satan indicated to her cunt.

"You did that? It was so sweet. It was... It was..." Eve was so surprised that she couldn't complete the sentence.

"Yes, I did that. Do you like to have more of that?" - Satan presses with his advantage.

"Y... Yes... Noo..." Eve was confused. She looked down at the tree branch like thing. It was not a tree branch at all. It was attached to her /friend/new-friend/">new friend's lower belly, a little above the junction of his thighs. A sack was hanging down below that stem. It was hairy. The hairs added to the attraction. It was a similar one Adam had but without any hair. He pees with that thing. This one is bigger. Very much bigger and brighter. Clean and is not dirty as Adam's thing. And that fruit like thing on top? She has never seen any such fruit on Adam's.

She shyly extended her hand, touched the tip of the fruit and asked, "What is it?"

Satan shivered at the touch of her petal soft fingers. He was thrown by the change of topics. "Ah... Its..."

Eve smiled and said wonderingly "It looks so much like that forbidden fruit."

Satan pounced upon the opportunity and said "Its called Prickly-apple. Do you like it?

"Yes, I like it. But Prickly-apple, I have not heard anything about a prickly-apple. There are prickly pears, I have heard. What is that stem like thing?' - Eve shifted her hand to the cock-shaft and held the shaft in her dainty hands.

Satan was on the verge of cumming. The soft touches of Eve's hands were sending him beyond his control. He sucked in his breath. "It's called the Prick. Do you want to taste the fruit?"

"Y...Yes. But it will go away if I eat it."

"You don't eat this fruit. You kiss it. The fruit gives out the juice after you have sucked the tip. You see that slit on top? This fruit is also called the apple of a woman's eye. That is the eye of this prickly-apple. You are a woman. Go ahead and kiss the eye. Suck the apple Eve." - Satan stood up in front of kneeling Eve. He was shivering with expectation.

It was almost a command. Satan was desperate with his need. He stood up and brought the cock at Eve's eye level. Eve didn't release her handhold on her friend's Prickly-apple. It was warm and soothing. She looked up to her friend. Satan smiled a strained smile and nodded, willing the girl to put the cock into her mouth.

Eve lowered her eyes to the erect flesh in her hand. Moistened her lips apprehensively. Opened them and took the Prickly-apple within her warm mouth. Her lips molded over the bulbous glance of Satan's cock. And Satan recoiled... ... ... recoiled with the force of his jism jetting out of his cock at the touch of Eve's lips. The spurts struck the back of Eve's throat and bounded down to her stomach. His knees felt like jelly.

Satan took hold of the back of Eve's head and pressed the still erupting dick into her throat. Eve released her hands from the cock-shaft and eased the stiff cock through her esophagus, almost halfway down to her stomach. Her throat muscles closed & squeezed the prick of the prickly-apple. The voluminous discharge started to fill her belly. The juice is so thick and gooey; it is so sweet to taste, it was beyond her to bring the gulping to an end. Now the juice is only trickling down. It will stop, she thought. She desperately started sucking the apple to get as much juice as possible. She put her hands at Satan's butt and pulled him closer, mashed her nose on the belly to get more of the prick inside her mouth.

But Satan has lost all his strength by now. He started to sit down. Eve didn't release the prick from her mouth even then. She went down along with him, kept her lips glued to the root of that magnificent stem of the prickly-apple. Her bum came up as Satan slowly lay down on the earth. With last of her remaining strength Satan lifted Eve up with her mouth still sucking his cock and reversed her position in a classic sixty-nine. Brought the cunt over her mouth and kissed deeply. With a squeal Eve pressed down on his lips and released the mouth-hold on his prick. She looked down at the spent cock once again and gave the tip another tender kiss. Looking over her shoulder to her new found friend and said, "Look, your prick is getting soft and now it looks like a small serpent. A serpent with an apple in its mouth." - She giggled. [This may be the cause why the Biblical Scholars depicted that scene.]

She once again started to inspect the softening shaft. It was glossy. The setting sun was reflected by the mingled cum and spittle. The reddish dome looked angry under the sunrays. Eve started to caress the cock from the tip to the root with her hands. She cupped the balls curiously in her palm. She skimmed the remaining cum with her tongue tip.

Satan took her up once again by her waist and laid her down beside him. He had enough time to discover all the mysteries of this girl. Adam is far away and will never be back before tomorrow afternoon. He was not afraid of any interruption from that Old haggard. He tenderly kissed Eve's lips. Palmed her high, round and firm breasts in his hands and started caressing the nipples with his fingers. Eve shivered with that new sensation.

"You have not told me your name, my friend. What's your name?" "I am Daddy No-name. You may call me daddy" - Satan said smilingly. It will be hilarious when she will spill the bean to that Old Man - he thought.

"D a d d y ... daddy..." Eve tested the name in her mouth. "It is a very sweet name". She told Satan.

Satan smiled at her innocence. "Yes baby, it's a sweet name." "Ah... daddy? Why you have a fruit on your belly? Huh... Adam has a little thing to make water. Why you have that fruit there, daddy?" - Eve asked curiously.

"Everyone has some natural things on their body, Sugar. See those two balls below the prick? Ah, yes those. No don't put pressure on those, they are very precious. They are the family jewels actually, to be carried from generation to generation. They are berry balls. So I don't only have an apple, I have two berries too." Eve nodded her head as if she understood all. "You said everybody has something on their body. Do I have also, Daddy?" "Yes, dear. You are full of Cherries." 

"Cherries? Where?" "Every where. At your mouth, on your chest, in your belly and at your bottom too." - Satan tendered another captivating smile to the innocent girl. He was on to the next phase of his plan. One tasted, two more to go.

"At my mouth? Where?" - Eve put her finger into her mouth to find. "Didn't your mouth get wet when you put the apple inside? "Yes, when the apple spilled so much juice it really got wet"- Eve giggled. " No, No, before that. When you put the apple inside your mouth. Then. Why don't you find out now? Gulp whatever juice is there in the mouth. Gulp it down. Okay take the apple in your mouth. Put your tongue on the apple, yes like that. Now, is your mouth getting wet?" Eve considered that for a moment and said "Yeth" with her mouth full. The prick has lost its softness and was erect once again. "That is your tongue cherry, which is giving out its juice. You have got two cherries here, one here and another... here. Satan touched her nipples, cunt and the bung hole as he went on to show her the cherries." A shivering sensation engulfed Eve on his touch. She wanted him to go on touching them. She sat up on her heals and went closer to him. "Daddy? I don't find any cherries here. Show me daddy; show me." She touched her cunt wonderingly and splayed her thighs wider instinctively.

Satan ignored her obvious but innocent invitation. He wanted her on fire. The intensity of that fire should allow him to violate all the innocence of this virgin girl. He put her mouth on her budding breast and took one now-erect nipple in his mouth. Eve thrust her breast towards his educated mouth with the first pressure of his lips on the blood-engorged nipple. He caught the other between his thumb and forefinger and started a slow massage of that one. Eve thrust her breast further into his mouth and her upper body bent like a bow. Satan suckled one of her nipples first and then the other one for a few minutes. He went on to massage the nipple, which was not within his mouth. Eve's whole body tautened automatically.