Babysitting can be fun

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Babysitting can be fun

Jenna was a tall black haired bomb shell with /tits/big-tits/">big tits and a nice arse. Nikke had smaller tits but a nicer arse. They were both in skinny jeans and t-shirts while babysitting nikki's next door neighbours kids sleep over. There were 6 18 yo boys down stairs playing games when the girls were bored.
"hey nikki, why dont we go and get some fun out of those virgin boys down stairs? Jenna suggested
"lets do it." Nikki replied with an evil smile.

They both went down stairs snuck up on the 18yo boys and said
"you shouldnt be up this late." the boys jumped and looked /scared/">scared. "we wont tell if you play a game with us." said nikki smiling
"what game said 1 of the boys"
"well see me and nikki here are real bored and aint fucked in a while so we were wondering if you boys would want to oblige?" Jenna said with a smile on her face.
The boys answer was seen in the trousers at the mear thought of fucking these /chick/hot-chicks/">hot chicks.

"Good now you four go to nikki and you two come to me" the two boys walked over to jenna and waited.
"hang on how do we know this aint a prank? tell you what you two strip to your /underwear/">underwear and makeout and we will do this." said one of the boys and others agreed. the girls laughed and stripped Nikki to her black undies and /thong/">thong jenna to her pink bra and panites. The the kirls kissed running there hands all over each others bodies.
"right now you two get her and fuck me." Jenna said.

two boys stepped forward jenna got to her knees and took both boys cocks out she then sucked both before dropping her undies and saying. "You fuck my pussy, you fuck my arse." Both boys jumped to, jenna had to admit what they lacked in size they made up for in effort. She looked over at nikki. She was sucking one off, had one boy on her tits while the other two fucked her the same way jenna was being. She called over to the boy on the tits he came over and she began blowing.

Once jenna cummed she stood up straight and said "ok boys now for a treat, you have fucked my arse and pussy and mouth same with nikki but how would you like give each of you a lap the wwwxxx dance?" Nikki smiled ast the idea nd boys took seats the girls put on each others underwear and danced for each boy making each one cum as they did.

nikki said "ok now for onw final treat before we leave" taking out her phone she said "who would like a photo of us two naked to wank over later?" all boys nodded the gils laughed and took a few slutty photos together and then sent them to the boys phones. "night boys" said nikki and jenna as they went up stairs (they left the under wear down stairs, it was gone next morning.)

hope you wwwxxx enjoyed feed back please, thanks for reading.